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Pavšič Jurca Dental Studio

A smile can light up the world. Our studio’s oral hygiene programme helps maintain and restore your smile.


We are Janja and Rok and we warmly welcome you in our family-owned company Pavšič Jurca Dental Studio.

Dentalni Studio Pavšič Jurca

We graduated in dental medicine in 2003 at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana and have been treating adults and children since 2005. At our Dental Studio we take time with each visitor; patient comfort is one of our top priorities.

We offer entirely pain-free therapy and short waiting times. We appreciate that you are busy, so there is no waiting in the waiting room. We only use materials of the highest quality, both for prosthetics and fillings, and continuously learn and acquire new experience at local and international workshops and congresses.

Dentistry is more than just drilling and bonding dental coatings. Dental Studio provides patients with superior oral hygiene, to prevent periodontal disease, bad breath and tartar.

Dentalni Studio Pavšič Jurca


When patients first walk through our door, they are often scared, but also full of anticipation of what is to come. That is why we always take time to talk to patients, answer their questions, explain the procedures, and only then examine the condition of their teeth. Using an intraoral camera, patients can follow the examination on a monitor and see any problems in their teeth and gums in real time. At the end of the examination, we seek a common solution so that patients can leave with “a Hollywood smile” after just a few visits.


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Oral care

15 tips to help improve your oral care


Periodontal tissues

Bleeding gums are one of the most common periodontal problems. What should be done if it occurs?


Children and teeth

When to start oral hygiene in young children and are milk teeth really that important?



Oral hygiene is part of overall well-being. We often mistakenly think that brushing twice a day is enough for healthy and beautiful teeth. We must learn to take care of our teeth the same way we take care of our bodies. Pavšič Jurca Dental Studio provides personal advice on dental care and proper nutrition, both of which are essential for healthy and beautiful teeth. Special procedures preserve teeth and improve their appearance.

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All our services are paid by the patient, so you do not need a health insurance card to visit our studio. Dental services can be paid in cash, prepayment, or with payment cards: